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2 Days in Mallorca (Not Long Enough)

Mallorca has been on my list for awhile now - mainly because I am a sucker for turquoise waters. Safe to say, 2 days was not nearly enough time in Mallorca.

Where to Stay

Sure, you can book hotels in Mallorca, but ended up going the AirBnB route - except for the last night.

The first two nights we stayed at this AirBnb (picture below shows the view from our living room), which was centrally located and right around the corner from the Royal Palace of La Almudaina.

And the last night, two of us stayed at El Lorenc. I did not realize how much this hotel was until I saw the bill - silly me read the google doc wrong. But, for what you pay, the amenities are great - indoor pool, sauna, steam room, and a rooftop infinity pool.

Where to Eat

Restaurante Illeta - I mean I was sold on the water alone. It was about a 30 minute drive from the Palma airport. Definitely a must go place for lunch, and then you can lounge on the beach before and after.

Restaurante Miro - Located in Deia, which is about 45-50 minutes outside of Palma. The drive here was absolutely stunning - if you are renting a car, I highly recommend getting a convertible if it is within your budget. I found this restaurant because I wanted to try El Olivo for dinner, but we opted for lunch so we could spend more time at the beach. It is located in the Belmond Hotel, which is an absolutely stunning property, but will run you about $5k a night. Even if lunch is not within your budget, you can sit on their patio to have drinks and a light snack.

Daikiya Sushi - We were supposed to have reservations at Iroko this night, but we cancelled to stay in Palma and not drive 25 minutes away. So, we were still craving sushi. It was pretty good and the sashimi cuts were very generous.

L'Informal Tacos - one of the girls had met someone on a previous trip, and he works here. So, us Texas girls were craving some Mexican food and a good marg. The fried fish tacos and the tuna tostada were a crowd favorite with us.

Ombu - This was right outside of our AirBnB and I always saw people here. I just ran down for a quick breakfast on our last day, but I would definitely love to try dinner here the next time I come back.

What to Do

Beaches - I mean DUH! Mallorca is known for its beautiful beaches. So, for this reason, I need to come back for at least a week and fully explore the island.

Cala Deia - At first I was VERY disappointed when we got to the beach. Not only did we have to drive down a very windy road that barely fit one car, but it was extremely crowded and the water looked gross. But, me being me, I went to the very far end of the beach by the cliff and found it less crowded and the water was much better there. We also took a quick swim to an area you can hike up (pictured below). I so wish I had my phone to show the view at the top because it was STUNNING.

Playa Santa Ponca - Our friend went diving in the morning and this was the closest beach to it. We ended up renting beach chairs and renting a 4-person paddle boat that had a slide on it. This was also a sandy beach!

Other noteworthy beaches - Since we only had two days here, our beach time was limited. Here are some other beaches I would check out if I had more time: Cala Anguila, Cala Varques, Cala D'Or, and Cala des Moro.

Explore the small towns - Before and after lunch at Restaurante Miro, we walked a bit around Deia before heading to the beach. This town alone made me almost love Mallorca more than the French Riviera, but I am sure if I had more time to explore the island my mind would change.

Visit the Royal Palace of La Almudaina - Although I just walked by here on my morning walk, I did not have the chance to tour the Palace itself. You can check Viator to see what tours they have available!

Things to Know Before You Go

  1. Renting a car is the way to go! A lot of the beaches are 45-90 minutes away from Palma. If your stay does not include free parking, then there was a large parking garage near us that was about $28 a day

  2. Spend more than 2 days here if you are a beach person

  3. Palma is a very big cruise port, so there may be a lot of crowds if you're visiting during peak cruise times. So, book your tours ahead of time!


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