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A Weekend in Copenhagen

And on this year's annual bestie trip... Copenhagen!

Did you know that Copenhagen has some of the best restaurants in the world? But, did you know that Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in the world? We did not know either of these two things before we booked the trip, but we surely made the most of it.

Where to Stay

There is not a shortage of hotels in Copenhagen, but most seemed very small for the prices hotels were charging. Ultimately, we decided to stay at NH Collection, and it was the perfect place to stay. The bar area was our favorite, and in the warmer months, they have a rooftop bar. Also, if you skip out on the daily housekeeping then they will give you a drink coupon!

Where to Eat

As mentioned, this is such a foodie city, so it was hard to narrow down a list of places to eat. We will start off strong with the bakeries then get into restaurants.

La Cabra - I got this cardamom bun and it was sooo yummy! VERY limited seating at the location we went to, so be prepared to take it to go.

Buka Bakery - OH MY LANTA! I got this magical pastry that was like a croissant/danish filled with cream and raspberries. 10/10 recommend!

Sticks N' Sushi - I went to this restaurant in London, and the second I saw that they had locations in Copenhagen I knew we had to go! We shared the Hiramasa Kataifi, a Hell's Kitchen roll, a Gyu Habu stick, and a Hotate Bacon stick.

Tivoli Food Hall - located right next to Tivoli Gardens, this is the perfect place to grab lunch when you don't really know what you're in the mood for. They have hot dogs, Italian, Chinese, French cuisine, and much more to choose from.

Bistro Royal - every day we passed this restaurant and it was always packed. Luckily we got a reservation the same day for it. Not pictured - cesar salad, but we split the lobster pasta,

and OH MY, it was so yummy!

Gasoline Grill - juicy, yummy, and fresh burgers!

Cantina - just take a moment to honor the parmesan pile our pasta automatically came with! We started with the burrata, shared the beef carpaccio and the rigatoni, and finished with tiramisu. 10/10 recommend this place!

Delphine - this place is a MUST if you visit Copenhagen! It is more of a tapas/sharing restaurant, and they recommended 6 plates for 2 people, but we ordered 5 and were rolling out of there full. We got the whipped feta, tuna crudo, grilled flatbread, grilled prawns, and the grilled ribeye.

Hot Dogs - there are so many hot dog stands scattered around. We just got a fully loaded one and it was sooo yummy!

Things to Do

Let me just preface this section with my favorite things to do in a new city is walk around and eat.

Shopping - I LOVED all the home decor places! My favorite was Studio Arhoj, where you can watch them blow glass and throw pottery while you shop around. HAY House was cool too, and it is on Stroget, which is one of the main shopping streets in Copenhagen.

Walk around Nyhavn - probably the most famous place in Copenhagen, so I was suprised that it wasn't that busy. Besides restaurants and catching a canal cruise, there is not much to do around this area.

Tivoli Gardens - it would have been a lot of fun to explore this amusement park, but due to the cold weather, it was closed.

The Tube - this is a quick immersive experience, and we needed to kill some time and escape the rain. It is located right next to Tivoli Gardens, so you can hop over to the food hall for a bite to eat!

Visit the Little Mermaid - this was not even on our list. Everyone said to not go since it is underwhelming, but it was a stop on the hop on hop off bus (best way to get around a city!!), so we just got off and saw it. It is very underwhelming, but if you want to make the trek out, then go for it!

Things to Know Before You Go

  1. Copenhagen is a pretty expensive city, so expect to pay near (or more) than U.S. prices.

  2. Copenhagen does not use the Euro - they use the Danish Krone.

  3. Honestly, public transportation in a new city scares me, so we opted again for the hop on hop off bus, which was so nice since it takes you by all the famous sites.

  4. Copenhagen is a very walkable city! Still bring comfy shoes!

  5. Make reservations for dinner (and lunch)! It is a big foodie city, so places get packed.

  6. Everyone is SO nice and a majority of people speak English, so it was easy to get around.

  7. There are a lot of museums around, so if that's your jam, check them out!

Thank you Copenhagen!


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