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Tuscany: Where I Found Pure Happiness

Tuscany may take the running for my favorite place in Italy... sorry Positano!

It just so happened that I needed to find a place to go in Europe for three days before my flight home and my friend (the one who lives in Italy) said her and her parents were going to Tuscany for those same exact dates - call it fate. So, after our girls trip ended in Lake Como, I trained down to Florence to begin this part of my adventure. So follow me as I drink (and eat) my way through Tuscany!

Day 1

Arrived in Florence! Before we headed to our hotel, my friend reserved us a table for lunch. If my friend (as pictured above) is good at anything, it is finding us the best restaurants to eat at! She killed the game for our Positano dinners, so I knew everything she had in store for us was going to be beyond amazing! Lunch was at Cantinetta Antinori and my goodness... walking into this restaurant was BEYOND stunning. When I say we feasted here, I mean we FEASTED! Her dad wanted to get the Florentine steak as his own personal meal, and the waiter just looked at him like he was crazy. This steak was not only the most delicious steak I have ever had, but it could feed a family of 6 easily! On top of that, we quickly went through two bottles of wine.

After lunch, we needed to walk off all the food and wine we consumed. We went to a famous perfume shop, Santa Maria Novella, and inside it looked like you were in a museum. The quality of these products are worth the price tag. Unfortunately, I could not bring anything home with me, since my bag was already packed to the brim. I did end up ordering a few items after I got back to the States though.

From there, we started the quick journey to our stay at Fonte de' Medici. No words can even begin to describe how dreamy (and reasonably priced) this place was. I know I said in my Crete post that you can scatter my ashes in Loutro, but you can also bury my body at this estate. This place alone is probably why Tuscany is my favorite place I have been to in Italy.

We had dinner at Restorante L'Antica Scuderia - we did need to drive here from our estate (highly recommend renting a car or hiring a driver). This restaurant is another reason why I love Tuscany so much. Who doesn't want to sit outside, right next to a vineyard, drinking great wine, and eating even better food?! I got the truffle pasta and I am still dreaming about this dish. It was the perfect balance of truffle and creamy, yummy sauce! I wish we had a bit more time to explore the little town this restaurant was in, it looked like a castle.

Day 2

This was our wine tour day! We went to Antinori nel Chianti Classic, which is a more modern winery in the area. We did a full wine tour followed by a wine tasting followed by lunch, which essentially was a bottomless wine lunch. Of course Florentine steak was on the menu, so I had to get it again - WHEN IN ITALIA! Thankfully, this was a fraction of the portion the other one was.

After we stuffed out bellies full, we need to lay down by the pool at our estate to take a breather before dinner, which we ate at the restaurant on property. Also, shout out to our cute waiter - we were crushing on him very hard!

Day 3

Until dinner, we stayed on property and had a very relaxing day - truly so blissful. It was a perfect day to lounge by the pool with Aperol Spritzs (brought to us by our cute waiter).

For dinner, we drove off property to have essentially a 7 course meal with paired wines at Tenuta Torciano. I think what got me was the homemade lasagna that they poured truffle oil over - talk about a dance party in my mouth. On top of that, we ate under the grape vines, so it was a picture perfect meal.

Finally.. just a moment for Tuscan sunsets...

We did spend a little time walking around Florence, and my previous brief time here will be in another post. I definitely want to come back to Florence and explore more of this beautiful city, and of course come back to this estate.

Things to Know Before:

  1. Rent a car or hire a driver

  2. I went in the middle of July and it was not has hot as I thought it was going to be, but Tuscany can get very hot in the summer time

  3. Drink alllllll the wine

  4. If you are going to try the Florentine steak, share it with others and even if you order medium, they will give it to you rare

  5. Don't embarrass yourself around your cute waiter because you're a terrible flirt


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